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LEARN, Love, and Live the Bible

“Our culture is experiencing a crisis of biblical illiteracy. Many churches, rather than raising the bar, have simplified sermons to the point of becoming superficial. The dumbing down of Bible teaching has left the church vulnerable to countless ideologies that are contributing to the deconstruction of Christianity in our Western world. Christians need to be equipped with scriptural knowledge that goes beyond what they get for an hour on Sunday morning. We need to establish solid foundations from God’s Word upon which we can construct a comprehensive and holistic, theocentric worldview which offers meaningful answers to the questions of life.”

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Listen to sermons brought to you courtesy of Grace Fellowship Church in Gladwin, Michigan. New sermons published weekly.

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Check out the YouTube channel. Watch videos that address topics biblical, theological, historical, and cultural.

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View Josef's list of the "Top 100 Books Every Student of Theology Should Read." Stop wasting. your time reading second-tier literature.

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From the Pulpit


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