Old Testament Sermons

Why the Old Testament?

When refering to the Former Testament as the “Old” Testament, the historic Christian church has not intended to convey that it is somehow antiquated, outdated, or irrelevant. All Scripture is God-breathed, the product of the breath and Spirit of God such that every word of the Bible is the very Word of God. Although believers in Christ are not under the old covenant, nonetheless the Old Testament remains the inscripturated self-revelation of God. It bears witness to the glory of God, the coming of His Kingdom, and the Person and work of His Son, the Messiah. As Augustine said, “The New Testament is in the Old, concealed; and the Old Testament is in the new, revealed.” The Old Testament remains applicable to Christians as a timeless disclosure of divine truth, of theological teachings, and of guidance for the life of faith and godliness.


Exodus 14.1-18, God's Glorious Display of a Sovereign Salvation


Job 5, Suffering and the Reality of God