Online Academy

of Biblical and Theological Studies

Go Deeper into God’s Word

The Online Academy of Biblical and Theological Studies will enable you to learn from an ever-growing assortment of interactive video courses. Each course will be complemented with recommended reading and resources that enable you to study as in-depth as you like. Bookmark this page and check back periodically for updates.

Coming 2024 (Lord willing!)


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  • In-depth

    Sunday morning provides little opportunity to critically examine the Bible. Learn how to study it for yourself without filters.

  • On demand

    Instantly access any course you are enrolled in at any time. Stream videos whenever you like. Re-watch lessons as many times as you desire.

  • Scholarly

    Learn the specifics of what scholars have contributed to the field of biblical studies and listen to critical interactions with their insights and arguments. 

  • Confessional

    Content upholds a high view of Scripture and is harmonious with confessional Reformed orthodoxy.

Upcoming Course - The Theology of Paul the Apostle

Preview of upcoming course

This page and its content are under construction.

Coming 2024 (if the Lord wills).