The Gospel of Mark Sermon Series

In the post-apostolic church of the early centuries, the Gospel of Mark was the most neglected of all four Gospel accounts, not least of all because most of its material appears in the other Synoptic Gospels, and it contains less teaching in the form of the words of Christ. However, recent scholarship has changed this trend and has focused more on the foundational importance of Mark. The astonishing thing about this Gospel is that Mark, as an action packed narrative of the ministry of Christ, is dense with redemptive-historical motifs that show how God’s story in the Old Testament comes to its climax in the Person and work of Jesus Christ. Mark has a way of packing inexhaustable depths of theological truths into short stories. The book is a concise account of what matters most for the faith and life of Jesus’s followers. In this sermon series, Josef expounds the book of Mark passage by passage, showing how Christ is the fulfillment of old covenant prophetic anticipation, the Son of God with authority, and the Suffering Servant of Yahweh. Here you can listen to sermon audios and read transcripts of the messages.

Chapter One