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Teaching the Bible as a Theological Treasury for All of Life

“I think the dumbing down of Bible teaching has left the church vulnerable to countless ideologies that are contributing to the deconstruction of Christianity in our culture. People need to be equipped with solid foundations from God’s Word upon which they can construct a comprehensive and holistic, theocentric worldview which offers meaningful answers to the issues of life. We have a treasury of revelational knowledge in the Scriptures and the world around us, not to mention an embarrassment of riches from two thousand years of Christian teaching. It’s high time for the church’s mouthpieces to draw on these resources and engage the conversations that are happening around us.”

Proclaiming all of God’s Word to all of God’s world, that people may see the beauties of Christ and be drawn into the riches of the historic Christian faith.

This website is currently under contsruction as resources are being added.
Check back soon to view the more completed project!

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In-depth online courses in biblical and theological studies are in development. Check back in months ahead for updates.


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